October 2, 2007

An Expose on Dead Beat Customers pt.1

Over the years, We've taken financial blows from companies out to stiff us for payment of our services. This includes personal friends artists and companies that approached us with solid promises of strong business client relationships, and ended up giving us the shaft and jumping ship without payment for our services. The result is a near fatal of sometimes fatal blow to recording studios. This has added up to loss of revenue in the tens of thousands sometimes per anum.

In this column, I want to expose the shuystiness of some of these companies and unglorify them for their shady practices. Look out for them when doing business and don't trust them.

You see, companies that offer a service in the music industry are not much different than the struggling artist looking for a break with that label that’ll get behind them and make them a star. We are on the constant hunt for that good solid consistent client that’ll help bring in the funds necessary to maintain and grow our business. When we are approached by representatives of seemingly established companies we tend to drop our guards and become all ears, open to the possibilities that can happen when an artist with an official budget comes thru your doors. This has shown over time to be a big mistake. So let's start with our most recent additions to our blacklist page. Here we go...more


  1. There's lots of these bums out there!

  2. always demand 50% down before any session


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  • Lori Michaels signs record deal with Dream Makers/REFORM Records

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