November 11, 2007

THE Dyke Diva Speaks

First OUT:

"What's goin' on deep inside Lori Michaels?"

First off- let's not get confused by the porn-ish title, kids...
this column is NOT written by the porn star, Lori Michaels (although, I bet I just lost a few of you already-HA!) This is THE Dyke Diva-and as promised, here's my first little OUTburst on life, love (the lust & the lies) and the pursuit of all things gay (and of course, not-so gay).

I'll try to keep my cute lil' virgin article simple and to the point-but, I can't promise that you will be able to keep me all that quiet in future stuff that comes out of my mouth and gets put on here!

So, where should we start this one and what is it that you would really like to know from me? Since YOU are gonna be the ones checking this out, please accept this so very not formal invitation to contact me personally and let me know what you would like to read all about, k? Feel free to ask away with any questions at all- cause I'll answer 'em (and then, of course, I will probably say something you won't want to hear). But, hey-this could be quite interesting and fun for the whole "family". So LGBT fans-wave your flags and get those fingers movin' & send me some love....more

Don't be shy and please remember, if you don't want me to put your real name, then for heaven's sake, change it when you send me your email! And, if you don't want me to talk about ya, then don't send it to me in the first place. I mean honestly...
On that note, I'll totally be looking forward to hearing from you.
Stay tuned for more...

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