December 5, 2007

The Referee

Do you hear this isht
Music isnt what it used to be, it seems the more dumb down we can talk
- Shorty Imma buy you a drink
- Shorty let me smack that
- Call you my shorty
- She’s a TIN (ten)

It’s widely exceptable, I mean let’s face it, labels cater to 13-21 year olds providing what they want to hear in that age group. RELATING to your audience is what it’s about, and the buying / downloading public seems to be 13-21. Let’s include this also, the South is winning, and winning BIG, in large numbers by soundscans account.
I guess if ignorance produces hits, then let the flood gates open.

Thank god for some out of the box thinkers: T.I., Outkast, Ludacris, David Banner.

But ultimately, it sucks, there I said it, I wouldn’t say I’m hatin’, but honestly its text book isht. It’s almost like bad grammar is the fad, the worse you can speak and sound it’s accepted. The ironic part of all this is that I now reside in the south, a northener in the south and I have a pre-production studio that takes in every crab ass wanna be so called thug in town. One day I’m gonna have to post an audio clip or even a video of them recording. I’ve never seen people talk so much isht about laying a track down, then, when it comes to lay it down, they screw up every line in matter of minutes, the funny part, THEY WROTE THEIR OWN RAP.

It’s beyond me when they say “HOW YOU THINK DAT SOUND”. To there face, it’s ahhite, it’s cool, but in my head, I’m saying – Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you suck like a 5 year old on a lollypop mang, UPS is hiring.

I ask myself sometimes, “DO THEY HEAR THIS ISHT’ they saying, do they really believe this, are you really serious. I gotta tell this story, I actually had a brother group (2 brothers) come in to do a song, a SOULJA BOY type song if you will, the song was entitled “Ho, get out my face” I kid you not

Would you believe, they actually argued over a part in the song that the younger brother messed up on, the line went something like this “Bitch! You a trick, all you get from me is dick”, the older brother yelled and said “Naw Bo, isss “Trick bitch, all you get is the dick”. This argument lasted over 20 minute ending in them asking me “Which one sound better”

(long pause here so that yall can take this in and imagine the look on my face when I was asked this ignorant ass question)

In closing the song was finished, 2 16 bar verses (not even 3 verses, lazy bitches) a mix of a total of 8 audio files (one 2 track of a pre-recorded Fruity Loop beat, 1-lead vocal, 1-background vocal, and 4-adlib vocals going YULLLLLLLLLLLLL, whatever da f*&$ that suppose to mean) and it’s on myspace now. Want to hear something funny, I take pride in what I do, and my sister-in-law came by with her new boyfriend, me and him conversed a bit, first time I’ve met him actually and I let him hear some new joints I had done that he said were out of this world, I then proceeded to tell him about these guys, I let him here the song. Tell me why after he says my stuff is “OUTTA THIS WORLD” he asks for a copy of their song to pump in his car. I shook my head in disbelief and said to myself “It’s a business, It’s business”

Britney Spears
O.k., yall know she lost her children to K-Fed right, how many feel sorry for her ?
(believe me Im not waiting to see who raises there hands)
homegirl is buggin out hard, drinking, partying extra hard, the no panty incident (thanks Paris) and lets not forget the therapy she was suppose to get.
Anyway, as much as I didn’t like K-Fed for anything else, he actually is setting a better precedent for his children that Britney has, then again, it could be since he HAS NO career, all he has is time to spend on his kids. In a nutshell (ha ha, that’s funny) I think Britney’s a nutshell right about now, I hope she gets it together, the general public loves to see a trainwreck as long a they are not on the train, but a major return could mark the best comeback since Michael Jackson performed “Billie Jean” at MOTOWN 25.

Honorable mention to make a comeback: Whitney Houston

Is Hip Hop, Hip Hop anymore?
I mean really, is it about skill or is it about the track, is it about marketability of the artist, one thing is clear, it’s not about HIP HOP. Commentary has been lossed, even word play and lyrical witiness, don’t get me wrong, bragging and cockiness is what it’s about and you have to own who you are as a artist, but teach something, a small thing.


All you aspring producers out there, here’s a tidbit to get you motivated
“Don’t listen to all the bullshit you hear, do you” . The worse thing you could do learning production is following EVERY guideline someone else tells you. Their premise may not pertain to your particular set up, therefore how could there method help you !. In the age of Fruity Loops to MPC, the age old question has always been “ What piece of gear should I buy”, “which computer should I get mac or pc”, and let’s not forget the ubiquitous “Should I buy Pro-Tools”. 9th wonder the producer of “Little Brother” used Fruity Loops, also he tracked for “Destiny’s Child”. DJ Premier, better known as PREMO, still uses an MPC60 because he likes the limit of the seconds he can sample, his motto “It forces you to be more creative with less”. I agree with this method as having the wholey grail of gear will never make you be Quincey Jones or Trent Reznor, but moreso a mediocre musician who spent way too much money or just simply in debt. Still a user myself of the old G4 Macintosh tower I’ve been taunted to purchase a newer model, though my money could not be placed aside for such a purchase
(I feel my mortgage is more important) after doing research on what I would have to buy in order to keep up with the “JONES’S” to total actually grew beyond what a newer model would cost. Since I run Digital Performer and Pro-Tools (I’m not telling you to go buy these sequencers, it’s just what I use) I would have had to upgrade my soundcards
(MOTU & DIGIDESIGN) , new cabling, transferring of files (and hope to god it’s able to read in the newer version) not to mention, DVI connection on the newer G5’s to my analog VGA. By the time you total this UPGRADE it had far more exceeded to price of a simple computer upgrade alone, and now ask yourself WHY?

Can you do with your existing system the same thing you would do with a newer one ?
Does creativity diminish if you never upgrade to the newest thing?
Do you believe if you purchase every new piece that says “IT”S BETTER THAN” people or your clients will like you more?

No matter how you look at it, as a producer your creativity is the key, your orchestration is at your fingertips, your arrangement is where you decide to place it. Notice, none of that took any gear, so that oughtta tell you where the most PRICELESS piece of gear lies.

For those who didn’t get it, it’s ya BRAIN, use it, the possibilities are endless, unless you do drugs, then it’s cloudy and fogged up.

CRISS ANGEL is the isht mang --- just had to say that MIND FREAK, love that show

Just stop it
Ever hear your favorite artist comeback from a hiatus and anticipate their new music with open arms, they play it, you get into it, you gawking at the video, your noticing what new clothes they have on, if they gained weight or how skinny they have gotten, and before you know it the song is done. Now at that moment, you like the song cause you havent seen your favorite artist in a long time, but it plays on the radio, the announcer BIGS it up, “AND NOW, THAT NEW JOINT, RIGHT HERE FIRST ON (fill in your station)”..

Now ask yourself, are you CLOSELY listening to the song, or has your senses been subliminally been diffused , cause if you ask me ( I love her yall don’t get me wrong) is it me or is Alicia Keys voice cracky in her new song “NO ONE”. Also, it isnt groundbreaking or shattering, I mean really babygirl can play on my keys any day (at the studio yall) but that joint is not that HOT to me. Keisha Cole joint is HOT, but man, recycled beats seem to never go outta style do they. Seems to me the only person who got it right was JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, you hear that isht man, the beats the production, the writing it’s great. Timberland had the right idea, hip hop is boring, the beats are to simple, monotinous and repitious, yet duke come from left field with his isht and wins BIG, JUSTIN, NELLY FURTADO, 50 well…. That “AYO TECHNOLOGY” is a little reachin’ but it’s catchy.

Ahhhh-ite yall, hit me with some feedback, let me know what you think, what are your opinions, what are your thoughts, do you feel the same way, or do you think I called FOUL.

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