February 19, 2008

The Imogen Heap Experience

Have you heard of Imogen Heap? Here's the link to here wikipedia entry. I hadn't heard of her until a friend sent me this youtube clip of her making awesome for 103.1 FM (apparently):

Besides being a wonderful introduction to an artist, I like this clip because it's a great example of the music-making process creating wonderful content. Even if the song isn't your cup of tea, the first couple minutes watching her create something out of nothing is still compelling.

I'd encourage artists to take advantage of video, and get footage of them creating their music. There's little downside to having the clips to play with, and visually seeing you create the song might give a track that extra oomph in connecting people with your music. I'm all about Imogen Heap now, and it's all because of this clip.

Maybe we can get Lori or The Referee to shoot a little video magic for us sometime in the near future.

thanks: Lucy

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