March 15, 2008


in Times Square
For The Naked Cowboy


So didja make it? Well it turned out to be the stormiest night of the year. Airports closed down, flooding traffic jams and delays abounded and became the norm for the day. Great time to stay home relax and check out a DVD.

NOT SO...for all the troopers that showed their support and came out to The NAKED COWBOY's Pre CD Release Party at Spotlight Live's Penthouse given by JAMBOX ENTERTAINMENT and 4SIGHT Music Propductions (in association with TMR Records, out of Nashville.)

On behalf of JAMBOX Entertainment, 4SIGHT Music Productions, and The Naked cowboy, we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming out and representing on such a rainy nght. But, then again, we are such a relentless breed, and that's just one of the things that makes us special.

We got together and we all got loose and had a BLAST!! Good people, snacks and one helluva kick ass show! Here's how it went down.

Rapper W Gleamz and KANO opened the show. Gleamz (of Brooklyn Zoo fame) is a natural performer. Gleamz and sidekick Kano rocked the house with 2 cuts from their upcoming cd. This group is a much needed breath of fresh air in this hip hop world where everyone wants to sound like everyone else and no one is really bringing anything new to the table. These guys are the new deal!
They put on a strong show hightlited with Kano doing an accapella rap from SLLLLOOOOWWWWW to FAST with precision that rivaled Twista

Special personal big up to W Gleamz and Kano. I called them to tell them about the shoe on Thursday 1 day before the show, and they got really amp'd about performing. Only thing, they were all the way in Houston Texas, and we were about to have that storm. So I tried politely to convince them not to come, for their sake. There'll be other gigs I said. Gleamz answered...What time is soundcheck? We'll be there!
Sho nuff, 15 min into soundcheck. They arrived soaked from head to toe, but crazy energy...AFTER A 30+ Hr DRIVE FROM HOUSTON TEXAS! They still went on to give every person in the joint a memorable these guyz are some of the real INDUSTRY WARRIORS...whatever it takes babbee...get it DONE...Gleamz Kano and crew know it. We all love you!

Reform Records recording artist Lori Michaels (THE Dyke Diva) and The Girls
put on a hard to follow performance. She had the whole place riveted to the stage as she performed cuts from her new about to be released CD. Surrounded by her ultra sexy dancers (The Girls
: sultry Kimberly and Sizzling Jamisin Lee), Lori Michaels tore it up.
One thing you can always bet the ranch on...Lori Michaels will ALWAYS put on a great performance

Of note: clubbanger "Partay" with mantra: "sway if you're gay, if only for today"

NYC Times Sq. icon The Naked Cowboy.
Put on a surprisingly good show in his 1st NYC Times Sq. appearance.He performed cuts from his new cd "Year Of The Cowboy" The cowboy whose been doing his regular shtick in Times Sq. has been on tour with his band, so he is developing into a strong performer. Laced with the sexy Lori Michaels and The Girls as backup performers, he provided a strong finish to a stellar show. Performing his hot buzzing single "Get Naked" and anthem type "Get Your Ass Kicked (by a man in his underwear) The Cowboy is really showing out strong.

of note: Just in case you're livng under a rock and haven't heard, NC is suing Mars M&M Candy Co. for 6 mil for trademark infringement... thats right. and... this gig at SPOTLIGHT LIVE was RIGHT NEXT DOOR to Mar co. To add fuel to the fire, Naked Cowboy ads for the show were streaming on the Spotlight Jumbotron . Smack in the face a little? hmmmm.

Check out some pics from the night here:

Naked Cowboys CD has been getting great reviews and making many skeptics heads bounce.
Check it out for yourself.

You can listen to a sample or purchase it right here:

You can also purchace it on itunes, cd baby, rhapsody and most digital distributors.

See video highlites of the performance:

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