April 25, 2008

5 Steps To Acheiving Your GoalsIn The Music Business

We all hope to achieve success in many areas of our lives, but
sometimes the road to success seems to be paved with difficulties
and events that we hadn't planned for.

Most people want everything fast, including success in the music
but a microwave mentality is not the way to success.
In order to be successful in the music business and in life in
you need to be in it for the long haul.

The following steps will
help you to clearly define what it is that you hope to achieve in
the music business and in life as well,
so that you can make your goals and make your dreams become a

Things You'll Need:

* A sound mind to realize that you are changing for the better
and increasing your finances/prosperity for the rest of your life.

Take small steps
Walking a mile takes about 2,000 steps and you want to be sure to
them one at a time. There are no short cuts. And
every one of those steps is a tiny success that brings you closer
to your goal. The same thing is true of any other big goal. Your
goals need to be broken down into tiny steps. Plan your short term
goals so you have something within reach to shoot for. Don't make
light of little victories. Small successes breed large ones.
Ask yourself, what small steps can you take now, that will help you
overcome the huge successes that you wish to see for yourself in the
music industry?

Laugh at setbacks

One of the big differences between successful and unsuccessful
people is how they respond to setbacks. Successful people are able
to laugh off setbacks and get back on track. Having a bad day does
not mean you have a bad life. Remind yourself that 10 days forward
and one day back still gets you to your goal, so if you have a bad
day at
the studio, recording or writing that next hit song, shake it off
and keep on moving.

Make it Fun
You will keep doing things if you enjoy them. try and only do the
things that match your passion and that you like to do it.

If it's something you hate and have to make yourself do,
it wont last long term, no matter how much money you make.
The goal is to develop a life of spiritual and
emotional joy, and that should be part of the payoff along the way.

Make it Convenient
If you are a busy person- which I am. you will have to make success
convenient. And there is no downside to convenience because it isn't
how hard you try; it's the results that matter. For instance,
choose to only write songs that make you feel good about
yourself and what you are contributing.

Reward Yourself

Don't estimate the power of rewards. Treating yourself to that new
pair of shoes you've wanted may be an appropriate reward that keeps
you striving to reach your first short-term goal. Keep the rewards
for meeting your main goals and smaller tokens for your daily
positive reinforcements. And remember, it pleases God when you take
care of yourself.

Step 4

Communicate effectively. This isn't a one man show, so knowing how
to be clear and kind when dealing with others is a skill that will
greatly serve you on your path to success.

Step 5
Be a person that DOES!!

One of the most important steps in reaching your goals is to
simply take action! Nothing big is ever gained without taking action.
In fact I have put together tons of resources that will help you to
take any type of action you desire in order to be a success in this industry.
Visit my website over at http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=I_XsJ&m=1eNZaKmJjOTK6H&b=NF2XofJAFateVxjY9O8egg to see some of

Thats it for now, take this post, print it out and tape it up somewhere
where you'll see it on a daily basis and be sure to pass it onto others
as well, they'll thank you for thinking of them :)

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