June 24, 2009

Recent Celebrities at Jambox

Here at JAMBOX, we strive to transcend the boundaries of entertainment and we are proud to invest our time into two very talented and versatile individuals. Suzanne Vega (top left), made popular by her 1987 and heavily-remixed hits, "Tom's Diner" and "Luka" recently came into JAMBOX to record some voiceovers for BBC. Cold Case's Tracie Thoms (bottom left) also recently made an appearance at JAMBOX with songwriter JMC to record the uplifting, philanthropy influenced song, "What If." We are proud and honored to have these two talented and versatile women at JAMBOX Entertainment and we hope they find JAMBOX to be a welcoming community!

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JAMMIN Updates

  • Lori Michaels signs record deal with Dream Makers/REFORM Records

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