March 20, 2016

The New JAMBOX Gospel Series Feed Your Spirit And Music Soul

The New JAMBOX Gospel Series Feed Your Spirit And Music...
Check out out latest Gospel Series Video Entitled 'I Surrender'
JAMBOX Gospel Series #4.. 'I Surrender' Surprising 1st take vocal by  Rev. Mary Jo Young.. recorded in 2001at JAMBOX Entertainment Studios.
Here's a cool story: The Reverend Mary Joe Young came into this session having listened to a guide vocal only 1x the night before. She seemed almost frail super quiet, meek and reserved. We thought we were going to have a rough time getting her to open up. She spoke oh sooo softly.  'Dhar' the 'MD' prepped her and we got ready to teach her the song and asked her to 'run thru what she knew of it' as a warm-up and for levels. This was the result. We were floored!! We never did a 2nd take!
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