February 17, 2017

JAMBOX Studios Welcomes Ward Melville HS & Rapper Lucky Mula

Today was a good day at JAMBOX Entertainment Studios. JAMBOX is one of the few educational, child and family friendly studios in NYC.  Today, a hip hop class from Ward Melville High School, Long Island came into the Big Apple to visit the studio for a class field trip. The group of approximately 25 seniors split up and got right to work with two of our top engineers, Xalent (pronounced ex a lent) and Lex. They got to pick out a beat and went on to experience recording like the pros. The kids got a chance to see what recording their own music in a real studio was like.
On top of recording, the kids got to speak with some of the talented people involved here at JAMBOX. With so many years of experience in the music industry under his belt, Music veteran and JAMBOX head honcho Lee Evans, himself a musician, music producer and songwriter, shared his own story and tips with the kids. He talked with them about his history with Afrika Bambaataa, Cyndi Lauper, Mark Anthony, Queen Latifah, and the real pioneering days of hip hop.
Lucky Mula is a super hot and buzzing new rapper on Power 105, and Hot97,  Lucky came by and graciously shared his story with the kids. His recounting of run ins with the law, gangs, guns, and even jail. Lucky spoke about how the streets tried to take him down, and his struggle to rise above it all through his music. He told them about how his real life experiences have helped fuel the fire of the artist within him and really put things into perspective. He left everyone awe-struck and inspired.

On top of all of this hip hop wisdom and adventure, JAMBOX Entertainment Studios co-owner, Cathy Palmisano, discussed our non-profit organization REACHOUT, Inc. and Lori Michaels Music, and the impact it's had on millions of kids over the years.

The kids had a lot of fun expressing themselves in the studio and got to take home copies of their music. We all got to take away something valuable today and most importantly we all had fun. JAMBOX’s educational school tours program is proud to be celebrating over 10 years of success helping kids to understand this business of music. We hope that Ward Melville High School comes to visit us again soon!
If your school or students are interested in our touring and recording program, please contact us:
212 979-8324
212 273-3426
or email 

we’d love to have you here!

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