January 27, 2008

How Did Michael Jackson Go Broke?

By T.A.N.
The Assimilated Negro
Did you know Michael Jackson was bankrupt? This article's from a couple years ago now, but I never read or saw anything detailing how bad it was for him. I mean it makes sense, dude obviously is carrying a lot of expenses. But it's amazing, and really kind of sad, to think the former "King of Pop," greatest selling artist ever, Mr. Thriller, Beat It, Billy Jean, and so many more. Is totally broke? I mean between his solo work and the Jackson 5, how much of his music is played in the world everyday. And he owns half the publishing (or used to) for The Beatles catalog also. How do you go broke with the royalties for Michael Jackson and The Beatles on your balance sheet?

I guess you do it by running a zoo/amusement park on your property. But that's an amazing end result with MJ. And yet another cautionary tale on how tough the industry can be.

What Happened to the Fortune Michael Jackson Made?
[NY Times]

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