January 16, 2008


Hi Folks
JAMBOX has really got it going on now. You guys are going to absolutely love the emails and blog posts that we have in store for you. Here's what we're looking at:
1. Our "home beginners series" will give those of you looking to make a start in the Audio Tech world some good strong info about the basics.
Derived from our AET Audio Engineering Course, this series takes everything from an elementary level.

JAMBOX will be starting a Production 101 class, just for those of you that need the very basics... Stay Tuned
2. Our "AET Series" will give a more advanced and in depth tekky point of view, some cool reviews and personaal assessments, pro tools hook up and how to, and much more
3. Our "Jambox Marketing Series" will show you step by step how industry pros market and promote their music on the internet as well as help you along with aspects of your career in music.
4. Our JAMBOX Newzblog is where it all comes together. A fun and informative hodgepog of current info from many sources and contacts around JAMBOX
  • Guest bloggers
  • Celebrities
  • Industry news
  • ...lots more
Our new JAMBOX MUSIC STORE is running now, but shortly, it will become one of THE KIK-A#S places to sell your music. Stay in touch with Lee for details
We plan to keep you smiling and so well informed. You know that when you're working with JAMBOX Recording Studios and Entertainment, you take comfort in knowing that you're working with the cream of the crop in NYC. Over 17 years in the business with an amazing track record.
Use JAMBOX for any music need.
Check out our list of unique services:

We really appreciate your feedback.
Please forward all questions and comments to info@jamboxstudio.com
Stay in the mix! Join us regularly on our NEWZBLOG here

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  • Lori Michaels signs record deal with Dream Makers/REFORM Records

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