January 14, 2008

THE REFEREE Jan 08 pt2

Jan 08 pt2

as we know it will eventually be phased out True or False ?.

I'm saying, everyone knows of payola, it's been glorified in the hit movie "Dreamgirls" it's known through out the business, so how long do think it will take before "Disc Jockeys" lose their voice over the airwaves. If they are not the ones making the call on what to play (Program Director) what exactly are their roles ?. To hear a song played at least 10 times a day will eventually grow on you or grow tired of, either way, you've been exposed. Yet people complain they don't hear their favorite song or artist receiving recognition or airplay, so they seek other means to get EXACTLY what they want. So...
What does that say for the disc jockeys and the ubiquitous radio station.

I guess the revolution (has to be) televised or on cable.

Can you believe this isht

"The Road to Platinum" aired on BET regarding "Omarion & Bow Wow's" new title release. Upon this show was an overzealous, pompous, arrogant, idiot carrying on in such a way that can only be described as "dumbass". An interviewer (TOURE') interviewed Omarion and Bow Wow, Toure' snaps at Omarion saying "You copy moves off of Chris Brown" with a puzzled look Omarion smiles and calmly explains that he practices routines to create his own style. Spoken like a well groomed artist who can retort back to smart ass remarks, dumbass then showcases his unique 25 cent (not exactly 50 cent) antics and screams "Yo, you not gon' talk to my man like that, you not gonna
disrespect O like that".

As that played out, I thought to myself "Damn, that sounded gay" but Omarion did not act a such, so I gave him the "acting like a young man award". Bow Wow then proceeds to thug it out (DOESN'T THAT SOUND FUNNY) by screaming at the guard, "Handle that". In another segment of the show a part of Bow Wow's team is not were he suppose to be, Mr. 25 cent then yells over the phone "We suppose to have trust, you off somewhere else and you not were you suppose to be, how can I trust you in my camp".

I kept thinking this was a "Wayans Brothers" revisited, just with Hip Hop/R&B artist
Omarion & Bow Wow, funny as it was, nothing is more funnier than their faces being morphed together photoshop style, does that not look super fucked up. The worse bootleg cd on the street looked better than that, and as if know one had thought about it or brought it up, on cue Bow Wow says " If I hear one more comparison to Jay-Z & R. Kelly Best of both worlds" I'm gonna lose it (something along those lines).

My dude, that's the first thing I thought of when I heard yall was coming out with it, just on some younger man isht, feel me. Don't get it twisted Omarion sang about girls with his group B2K back in the days, his recent albums spoke about girls, love and all that but I can digest his persona, Bowizzle, he started out having JD write his rhymes, talk about puppy love, cute antics and stuff. Now he wanna be hard, flexing, bogarding boasting when in his career there has never been an inkling of him promoting that, so how are we to digest this. Take some pointers from Jay-Z, have a repertoire for making hits, have a catalog of anthems, party joints and such, and even with that, act in accordance man, you have the money, you have the mass appeal, don't blow it by being a follower of foolishness.

Starving Artist

When I first heard this term growing up I really thought nothing of it. Like many cliché's thrown around, I felt this was just some sort of tagline associated with musicians, painter s, and the artsy crowds you see in So-ho somewhere. Now sitting in those shoes, I feel quite differently.

When I first started, I remember watching the countless videos on BET/MTV and listening to the same artists in rotation on the radio. I saw the promotion they got on websites and blogs and they all seemed EXACTLY the same to me. They all looked like they were having a ball. Women, money, cars (which is all good cause I love all three haha) but I keep thinking to myself "Where is the great music at?". Eventually I just stopped watching and listening altogether but I just couldn't understand how some people were able to achieve these things unless they were actually paying someone (Big name producers, slot time/payola, publicists, etc.) or nepotism was involved (My cousin is T.I, my uncle is Jay Z, etc.). It just didn't seem logical to me.

Now back to the first part. Starving. A lot of times, unless you have these "investors" you are not able to acquire the resources needed in order to compose your art and therefore you cant eat (if you're a true artist, your main source of income typically comes from the profits of your sold work)---sometimes literally, because if you were following where I was going with it, once you call yourself an artist that becomes your livelihood. A lot of real artists dont like to compromise their work or follow trends (even for a profit). They tend to feed off their own creativity and just perfect their craft until someone out there recognizes their talent and invests in them. I'm sure there were the "Party Like a Rockstar" or "insert the latest dance song here" types in those eras, but imagine what the Sistine Chapel would look like had Michelangelo painted it with pastels because that was the "in" color? Had Da Vinci painted Mona Lisa with her tits out because "sex sells" or Picasso putting weed in the boy's pipe because he wanted him to look more "gangsta". Where would the great works of art be then?

A Starving Artist. I now fully understand where the term derives from (in my own interpretation, yours may differ). True artists dont fold. They sacrifice because they believe in their work. They dont care about the naysayers and nonbelievers. They follow their hearts and use all the energy and resources at hand to share their work with the world. Sometimes I think It would be easier to write a whole bunch of dance songs or some down south **** because that's what's selling. So I won't be stuck in my mom's house. So I can buy a nice a outfit. So I can have my jewelry and cars back. But then reality sets in and I think to myself "What would people say about me in the next century?" They would say nothing. Because people only talk about TRUE artists as time passes and those who make it in the history books are then finally understood (in rap, you usually have to die or get locked up for this to happen). So if that means I have to be broke in the meantime, then so be it. I'll just have to be a starving artist until someone funds my Sistine Chapel....Donny.

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Enough Said..

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