January 12, 2008


01/08 pt1

Once again I’m back telling it like it is, whether you want it or not, you going to get it how I give it, time to make a call, blow the whistle.

Celebrity Music News

Jamie-Lynn Spears
Jamie-Lynn Spears pregnant, I guess her show “ ZOE 101” will be pulled of Nickelodeon soon. I personally think something is wrong with the “parenting” I mean, both girls out their cavorting, supposed role models (don’t quote me on that) portraying a responsible
Young adult !. That my friends, is TV, real life is the ultimate reality.

So you hear they got our boy (T.I.) caught up on some charges, and confiscated some of his guns, yet they haven’t ordered a ruling as to what he is being charged for. Umm, just because he’s a rapper and has guns doesn’t give anyone warrant to search and seize, I mean there are folks out there that house weapons in their homes (NRA) ring a bell to anyone.

And our little Soulja boy is being sued, I kinda laughed at this but thought, damn ! there’s someone else named Soulja(h) boy ?

Soulja Boy
The Crank Dat rapper Soulja Boy has reportedly been sued for trademark infringement by another rapper named Souljah Boy. The rapper Souljah Boy (with an h), claims that the Crank Dat rapper Soulja Boy (without an h), infringed on his trademarked name Souljah Boy that he has been using for over twelve years.

According to celebrity gossip site and blog Perez Hilton, a rep for Souljah Boy (with an h) released the following statement:

“I am writing on behalf of the law firm of Alexander, Odunze & Kang LLP to give you a heads up re: the attached complaint, which was filed in federal court this afternoon on behalf of Willie Lyons p/k/a Souljah Boy. By way of background (and as you may already know), Mr. Lyons, known in commerce as Souljah Boy for over twelve years, is suing artist Soulja Boy (birth name: DeAndre Way), his record label, attorney & manager in connection with his blatant infringement of Mr. Lyons’ trademark.”

Whether or not this will actually make it to court, will only be a matter of time.

Developing story....

I honestly think no one will care.

2 B continued

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