March 31, 2016

Emerson Lake & Palmer or ELP.. Kieth Emerson, Progressive Rock at it's finest

Emerson Lake And Palmer aka ELP..

70s Progressive Rock at it's finest. 

Made up of 3 amazingly talented musicians, they dominated the rock scene in the 70s along with top bands like Pink Floyd.

The original roster?

Keith Emerson:Piano Organ & huge modular Moog Synth
Greg Lake: Bass & Vocals
Carl Palmer; Drums

Keith Emerson was one of Lee Evans, CEO of JAMBOX Entertainment Studios early inspirations to get into analog  synths in the 70s.

Keith Emerson was a maniac and a genius on the keys. Whether on acoustic piano or flippin out on his modular Moog! He was an amazing player, one of the best of that era.
Being very accomplished, gifted and versatile, He also played the crap out of some inverted Bach pieces (meaning he climbed up on the lid of his grand piano and played pieces from the back of the piano , great contemporary 20th Century classical pieces, and even held his own playing jazz with the Great Jazz Pianist legend Oscar Peterson. Keith always intrigued. RIP Keith Emerson. Much Respect!

Check out this epic Live video
  Fanfare for the Common Man - Emerson, Lake & Palmer (Olympic Stadium Montreal)

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